UX Designer/Developer

  • Successful freelance designer creating distinct impressions and effective techniques to maximize the user experience
  • Highly experienced with a wide range of software technology and design including wireframe software; XCode, Auto Desk Suite, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, and many more
  • Over four years of UX Design and Development experience within various business and educational settings

Web Developer

  • Skilled service in planning and executing creative and highly effective sites to exceed all business goals
  • Specialize in various design tools, techniques, and cutting-edge technology
  • Over six years of successful experience in customer service and project management ranging in small business, sports, and educational markets

Online Marketing

  • Provide consultation on a wide range of marketing elements over traditional business marketing emphasizing the extra channels and marketing mechanisms available on the internet
  • Expansive knowledge of tools and methodologies to successfully promote products and services via internet, web, digital and search engine marketing
  • Deliver benefits such as high growth potential, reduced expenses, elegant communications, better control, improved customer service, and a competitive advantage

App Developer

  • Strong passion for building and designing mobile and desktop applications
  • Specialized in IOS Iphone applications (Xcode)
  • Experience in building a wide range of Desktop Software for both PC and Mac

About Me

I am a twenty four year old candidate for a masters degree in UX Design and Development with over six years of experience in Software, UX and UI, Mobile Applications, and Online Marketing Strategy. Presently, I am searching for opportunities in the Boston (and surrounding) area within the User Experience Design and Development field. I have extensive experience in Game Design/Development, Web Design, Mobile Application, and E-commerce Business Strategies. In addition, I have always been a self-taught autodidact that is extremely passionate about mastering new technology, software, and creative design techniques. My studies revolve around business, marketing strategies, and understanding the human intricacies and aspects that are vital to success. I enjoy a good sense of humor as well as working with a team of professionals who bring a diverse skill set to the group and user based projects. Thank you for visiting my website.

More Gallery Photos of past work coming soon